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Meet "Gabaron"

GABARON - Ceremonial Uji Matcha - Blood Pressure Control 40g

Developed by the National Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science with the middle-aged in mind, the tea leaves are given special conditions that increase the amount of γ-amino (Gaba-amino) butyric acid naturally.  This acts as blood pressure control.  Natural GABA's anti-stress activity continues to be evident in various studies.  

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A better way to take control

"Makes me feel so calm and relaxed. I've been sleeping better, more focused and have so much more energy!" - Hala M.

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Functional By Design

"It's not about flash or distractions. It's about usability and purpose. That's when dreams are made reality, and that's our purpose at the core."

Adam & Tamara - Founders, Husband and Wife