About Us

We are Adam (left) and Moe (right), and we built an online matcha tea store for people who refuse to settle for average matcha.  People who demand better.  People like you. 

We’re pretty sure

we already told you that on the homepage, but we figured it was worth repeating.  You know… Just in case you weren’t paying attention or something. 

Anyway, this is the “About” page, so we should probably tell you our story.


We are best friends and engineers who graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology and pretty much thank matcha for getting us through college…

We drink the same matcha we serve every day to maximize productivity in our own professional careers.

Before Wumi Matcha, we tried all types of matcha and found 3 things:

1) Too much shitty matcha made good matcha hard to find.  Plus you were always stuck with it even when it sucked.

2) High-Quality matcha came from Japan and was too expensive or inaccessible because of the shipping premiums or local only distribution. 

3) Once you try good matcha, there is no going back.   

Frustrated with all the junk out there, we started our hunt for the best matcha Japan had to offer. 

We spent 13 months and tried over 120+ different matcha types, and grades from all over Japan and spent long sleepless nights (because we drank too much matcha…) selectively picking out the best matcha money could buy. 

Now we are a family owned NJ based tea business who’ve partnered with one of Japans best farms to serve high-quality matcha (appraised by Japanese Tea Masters) all across North America and soon to be global. 

Our mission is to help bring mental clarity and focus to your day by serving functional, high-quality matcha with benefits you can actually feel. 


The Wumi Matcha Promise

We are selective connoisseurs that source matcha from one of Japans best Green Tea farms in Uji, Kyoto and hand selected only the finest matcha based on taste and nutritional value. 

The tencha is only ground into powder right before it leaves Japan for the USA, and then sealed into thick air-tight, resealable and portable bags. This gets you extremely fresh, high quality Uji matcha from Japan to be enjoyed right here in America.

We stand by our products 100%.

  •  Japanese Origin - Made by passionate farmers in the Mountains of Uji in Kyoto, Japan.
  •  Always Fresh - We carry small batches of matcha made from freshly ground tencha that is only ground into powder right before it leaves Japan for the USA.
  •  Smart Packaging - Packed in thick, air tight sanitary bags that are resealable, recyclable and great for anyone on the go.
  •  Better Value for Better Matcha - Superior quality for maximum benefits.  - Fulfilled by Amazon.  Backed by us, backed by Amazon.
  •  100% Money Back Guarantee - Love it or your money back. If you are unsatisfied for any reason we will refund you, no questions asked within 30 days of purchase.

We empathize with you that Matcha may seem new and foreign which makes choosing matcha that much harder. 

That's why we will always be on hand to provide directions for use, recipes, and tips. 

Never get stuck with the wrong matcha again, thats the Wumi Matcha Promise to You.

We are Wumi Matcha and we sell super delicious, high-quality matcha. 

Thanks!  We really appreciate you stopping by and checking us out even if you didn’t try our matcha, although you should… Let us know how we can return the favor someday…