Buyers Guide

Choosing Your Matcha

    Experience level and usage matters, but we have you covered for all occasions:

    • UJI Daily Matcha - Great for anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle.  Affordable and versatile makes it great for daily use in tea, lattes, smoothies, shakes, blends, even frozen yogurt.  Get creative and make amazing matcha creations.
    • UJI Premium Matcha - Another great place to start your matcha journey, and guaranteed to make your standards high.  Higher L-theanine, and nutrient content then other matcha makes it best for entering a state of “Zenergy” when in need of focus and clarity.  Great in lattes, cappuccinos, and tea.  Makes the best Iced matcha ever put to mouth. *Best when matcha is the main ingredient. 
    • UJI Reserve - For the creator, the dreamer, and the connoisseur alike.  Ideal for experienced matcha users who enjoy the best things in life.  Keep this on hand for mindful moments and special occasions.  The perfect gift for any matcha lover.