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WUMI Matcha

Daily - Ceremonial Uji Matcha - For Tea, Lattes, Shakes/Smoothies & Blends

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Kickstart your day full of energy and focus with an Earthy, Mellow, and Versatile matcha with light astringency, ideal for newbies and seasoned matcha drinkers alike. This means it's packed with nutrients, less bitter, and actually tastes good.

Great for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Sourced from Uji, Kyoto - Japan's Ceremonial Matcha Epicenter.

  • Flavor Profile: Mellow, Earthy & Roasty
  • Bitterness Level:  Low-Medium
  • Grade Classification - Middle-Class Ceremonial (Drinking) Grade
  • Nutrient Density:  Medium-High
  • Yogi-Buzz:  Mild
  • Harvest - First Harvest of Japan
  • Picking/Process - Shade Grown, Carefully Machine Trimmed & Stone Ground in the mountains of Uji in Kyoto, Japan.
  • Ingredients: 100% Matcha Green Tea Powder. *No sugar, no GMO, no additives, just pure matcha from Japan.
  • Intended Use - Drinking:  Great for Tea, Lattes/Cappuccino, Shakes/Smoothies, and Blends.  Get creative and enjoy the benefits of high-quality matcha.  Learn why drinking culinary grade is a bad Idea.




    All Matcha is made to order from our partners in Japan. Expected Shipping is 2-3 weeks for most orders.

    All other products have expected shipping of 5-7 business days.


    What is Matcha?

    - Matcha is like the wine of the tea world. In a nutshell, it's ground green tea powder with powerful nootropic and physiological effects.

    How do I make Matcha?

    - We've put together a lot of good stuff to help with that. Click the question to see for yourself.

    What are the benefits of Matcha?

    - Drinking matcha is like giving your brain and body jet fuel.

    aren't Culinary Grade for Lattes, not Ceremonial Grade?

    - Absolutely not... And the liar that's trying to convince you that probably doesn't even drink matcha.

    Can I return the matcha if I don’t like it?

    - We hope that doesn't happen, but in the rare event that you don't like it, we'll let you return it within 30 days of receiving the product.

    **You can always click on the questions for more detailed answers to those questions**

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    Customer Reviews

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    Nancy Elhalaby
    Super fast delivery

    Best matcha I’ve ever had! And amazing customer service

    Adam Starowicz

    Very fresh and high quality

    works range
    Won't purchase again based on shipping

    This has nothing to do with the quality of tea, but the overall shopping experience. Because quality matcha tea is available, I would rather buy from elsewhere given this product took over 2 weeks to arrive. Hopefully the tea itself is good!

    Soooooo Yummy!

    I tried a Matcha Latte for the first time at Starbucks and loved it. When I got home I searched for sweetened Matcha latte mix that I could purchase to make lattes at work. I tried four different brands and this one, by far, was my favorite! Now I am totally addicted and crave these lattes every morning! I melt the mix in about three tablespoons of hot water then add about 6 ounces of cold milk, stir then add ice. It makes the perfect latte. I will be subscribing to auto deliveries for this mix!

    Great taste

    Tastes great and dissolves easily. Awesome customer service and very responsive.